Specialist Rigging - Machine moving

SKY Rigging is well known for our outstanding quality supplier of heavy lifts. The use of qualified / Specialized Riggers and there Semi Skilled assistant forms an outstanding crew to ensure every lift is a safe lift. Our crews is equipped with the basic rigging equipment and heavy lifting equipment available when needed.


SAFETY is one of SKY Rigging’s heist priorities and we do everything to ensure the safety of our employees and everyone involved in the project. All work performed will have Method statements, Rigging Studies and Risk Assessments. No work will be done no matter how big or small without these documents

SKY Rigging has the reputation of handling big shuts. The Biggest shut we have done so far was Managing 52 Rigging crews, overhead crane operators, forklift operators, fitters. Total employees at once was 175. We are able to handle all your sensitive lifts. We have a 24 hour service delivery available for your urgent needs.



Johan van Wyk is a registered Lifting Machinery Inspector (LMI) with Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and SKY RIGGING is a registered LME company, thus we are able to provide certificates of performance of load testing of Lifting equipment, Mobile and overhead cranes, beams, Electric hoists. We are also able to repair chain blocks and Lever hoists. Certifications here of is attached.


IF you require assistants in managing your lifting equipment, we are able to do a three monthly colour code and also set up a colour coding register file according to NOSA standards that will consist of all your colour coding register for every 3 months, load test certification that will be done six monthly / annually set out by the OSH act.


The meaning of SKY RIGGING





SKY RIGGING can also supply you with all your lifting equipment needs as followed.

  • Chain blocks
  • Lever hoists
  • Nylon/Webbing slings
  • Chain slings
  • Steel wire ropes
  • shackles
  • Turfors
  • Safety Harnesses
  • Beam crawls
  • beam clamps
  • Eye bolts and much more.
  • We also give training on the Handling of lifting equipment – Basic Rigging